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“After dropping tens of thousands of dollars on business courses, I was delighted to take Terri Ross’s clear, concise, data-driven courses, which were loaded with actionable information. From the comfort of my home, I watched and re-watched the modules, took notes, and downloaded great resources that are provided. I have begun implementing her financial principles into our MedSpa and am excited how logical, easy-to-use, and straightforward they are. The courses pack a punch, and I highly recommend it!”

Dr. Paco Canales &
Dr. Heather Furnas
Plastic Surgery Associates and Allegro MedSpa

"Our business has just completely taken off despite being in the Texas ice storm and the COVID-19 issues from last year. Terri Ross is hands-down the most personable, professional, knowledgeable consultant with whom I have ever interacted with. She and Robbi feel like family to me.I especially love their attention to detail, and they truly care about your business. If you do exactly what they say the results will not disappoint. I strongly recommend using her services without any hesitation!"

S. Alexis Gordon, M.D.
Renew MD Medical Spa & Aesthetics

"This platform, the sales and financial courses, and calculators are exactly what I needed to build my business! They are easy to use and cut down on years of myself trying to figure out a profitable algorithm. I am so excited that I am able to use Abacus and the APX platform from the ease of my smartphone. Now all of Terri’s expertise is literally at my fingertips!"

Nicole Basa, MD
B+A Aesthetics, Cedar Park Surgeons

“Terri Ross is a gift to the medical aesthetic industry!
She is the real deal and worth every dollar you invest.
Her personalized approach combined with years of experience and skill is what makes her a highly sought after Aesthetic Consultant.
Whether you're just starting your business, or wanting to take your business to the next level, Terri Ross is your best choice!
I highly recommend Terri and all she delivers."

Marty Meyer
Rejuvecare Clinic & Medical Spa

“As a new medical spa in a highly-competitive market, we have been seeking a solution to provide us with a competitive edge. We originally engaged with TRC to help with sales training and organizational development, however, we have been pleasantly surprised as we have received much more. APX is the first and only, comprehensive practice development tool on the market. Providing our team with ALL of the tools needed for us to better understand our business and better plan for success. With APX, Terri and her team have been able to address all the pertinent pain points that I have as a Medspa owner by consolidating the tools that address those pain points. Essentially taking the best from TRC’s practice development system and democratizing it with an easy and intuitive platform. Everything from staff training to industry benchmarking, from analyzing metrics to “understanding the numbers”, APX is our go-to strategic and tactical tool for our business."

Manny Rodriguez
CEO Allura Medspa and Wellness

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Olam Medical Spa Case Study - 485% Growth in 2020

“Working with Terri and her team has led us to understand and grow on a large scale, and we have not yet begun to see the fruits of that effort. With that said, I want to express my deep appreciation for the time, willingness, and tools that APX has given us.I do not want to assume that I only received a service; sometimes it is not a guarantee to receive quality for the things we pay for. However, APX is the exception to the rule and an example of high standards of excellence and quality in what is done.”
— Gabriela Rodriguez, Owner, Olam MedicalSpa Miami

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